My Top 3 Favourite Hikes

Read below about three amazing hikes I have completed! Enjoy!

Mount Kinabalu, Borneo

Posing for the sign at the summit and we are absolutely knackered here – Aug 2017

I loved this hike because I saw it as an achievement, it was tough going! A two day hike from the bottom base camp at Mount Kinabalu. Day one you hike up to 3300m to get to the summit base camp. It is a gruelling six hour climb, uphill. The next morning you begin your ascent in the dark at 4am for the short two hour hike to the summit passing through the Danger Zone – (check out my Winging It Podcast Episode 3 – Travelling With Adam Bamford where I describe that little horror). You slowly walk up to the summit and scramble up the rocks to get to the sign in the photo. Took me a week to recover from that!

Poon Hill, Nepal

Mount Annapurna at sunrise at the Poon Hill Summit

Situated at 3210m above sea level, this part of the Annapurna Circuit takes four days of hiking in the beautiful Nepalese mountains. As we weaved in and out of the mountain hillsides, we were in awe of nature around us. One thing you don’t expect, is the sheer lack of noise, it was blissful. Most hikers aim to get to the summit on the morning of day four in time for sunrise. The views were spectacular and you can even grab a coffee from the cart at the summit to soak it all in, magical! We completed this hike in October 2018.

Inca Trail, Peru

Our hiking group on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in 2014

My first ever multi-day hike and it was a shock to the legs. However, it was worth it to see the ruins of Machu Picchu, something on my bucket list I had been wanting to tick off. Day one was a little tough as we made our way towards our camp site for day two’s trek to Dead Women’s Pass. Day two was and still is, the hardest day of trekking I have ever done. Constantly uphill for 6 hours, climbing step after step, and these aren’t your usual man-made steps, these were steps made out of stone. It was all worth it for the views on the morning of day 4 at Machu Picchu before the day trippers arrived. Our group was such a fun group and I made lifetime friends on that hike. This or the Salkantay Trek (sister hike) are both I would highly recommend.

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