Travel Consultant

James Hammond Travel Consultant

Backpacking/Gap Year

Expert advice on how to plan and book that gap year experience. Looking to book your six month backpacking trip? Get in contact and I can help plan and book that too!

Working Holiday Visa

Planning to work in Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the UK? I can offer some valuable advice on how to start, where to look for jobs, where to live and how to make friends!

Location Expertise

Europe, South East Asia, India/Nepal, Japan, Oceania (Australia, NZ), North America, South America and Caribbean.

How does it work?

Level 1 Service
  • Meet and greet
  • Getting to know you and your style of travel
  • Budget tips
  • Travel recommendations
  • Understanding your aims and goals of the trip
  • Working Holiday Visa information
  • Information on Level 2
  • Level 1 Consultation Fee – $35 USD/$45 CAD/£25
Level 2 Service
  • Research based on your desired travel requirements
  • Draft trip itinerary
  • Estimate a total for your trip
  • Activities recommendations
  • Hostel/hotel recommendations
  • Tour and flight options
  • Advice on how to book your itinerary
  • Level 2 rate – $140 USD/$170 CAD/£100
Get In Touch
+1 (236) 995 4888 – WhatsApp Me

More Ways to Get In Touch

What will you receive for your money?

  • Professional and fun customer service.
  • Expertise in (but not limited to) South East Asia, India, Nepal, South America, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the Caribbean.
  • Professionally presented itinerary and travel notes.
  • Clear and open communication.
  • About Me

    An experienced traveller and new podcaster hoping to inspire people to get travelling and get out of their comfort zone. I want to help build that unbelievable trip!

    Click below for a more detailed look in to who I am.

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